Project Description

Project at a glance

10(Ten) Storied Exclusive Residential Building

Project Address: Plot No.563 &564 Road no-1 Block-1, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka

Size of Plot: 6 Katha = 4320 Sft.

Land Position: South Facing

Ground Floor Area: 2926 Sft.

Per unit Area: 1463 Sft

Total Nos. of Units: 18 (Eighteen) Apartments

Total Car Parking: 14 Nos.

Number of Buildings: 01

Structural & Engineering:

1. Design Consultancy rendered by a team of dedicated professional.
2. Through investigation of sub soil condition.
3. Structural design prepared with the help of staad-3 software,
conforming to ASTM & ACI & BNBC design codes.
4. Structural capable of Withstanding earthquakes of 7.0(seven) on the Richter Scale. 5. Structural precaution from cyclone winds up to 200 kmh.
6. Heavy reinforced cement concrete Foundation considering the soil condition.
7. The Structure will be in BEAM SLAB / Flat plate column frame load bearing system in accordance with specification.
8. a. Structural members - Footing, Grade Beam,columns, Beams, Slab (in case of flat slab) with 3/4 (Crushed boulder) stone chips and RCC in 1:1.5:3
with bearing stress of 3500 psi.
b. non-structural RC members -Stair, Lintels, false slab etc. (slab in case of frame structure) with stone chips and RCC jn 1:1.5:3 with bearing stress of 3000 psi.
c. Cast in-site pile works - Stone shingles.
9. Assurance of highest quality of workmanship in construction through direct
supervision rendered by a group of experienced technical hands and Professionals.

Cement: Holcim for structural works / Akij for finishing works.

Steel: BSRM 72.50 grade (Extreme).

Brick: 1st class bricks - ACCL / KYB / Modern / REX / Equivalent for 1st class brickwork & picked.

Sand: Local sourcing sand / 2.5 FM Coarse Sand & 1.5 FM Mediums.

Cables: Paradise / Equivalent Cables.

Generator: CUMMINS, US brand, India-made + Acoustic canopy / Equivalent.

Transformer: As per Electrical load Energy Pac / Navana / Equivalent.

Lift : (8 person) FUJI, Japan brand, China Made.

General Amenities:

  1. Individual mail boxes at ground floor.
  2. Building name will be Mah Bhavan and logo on granite / marble faced plate.
  3. Elaborate Video intercom system to connect each apartment with the guard room / reception (one connection per flat).
  4. Car parking space at ground floor with easy comfortable driveway.
  5. Secured heavy main gate.
  6. Separate reception area with Marble clad reception desk, and granite tiles works in floor.
  7. Superior quality European / Asian origin lift with a passenger capacity of 8 (eight) persons.
  8. Sufficient lighting and easy to climb steps in the main stairs with attractive railing MS and wooden / SS handrail.
  9. Stairs finished with best quality RAK / (FU-Wang) stair tiles with ground floor lift lobby having granite-inlaid design.
  10. Lift wall designed local mirror polished tiles in combination with Granite tiles at ground floor.
  11. Underground and overhead water reservoir of adequate storage capacity with 1 (one) lift pump (automatic) and 1 (one) stand by pump and one at source, i.e., total 3 water pumps. Maximum capacity for 2 days reserve for use at all points.
  12. Sufficient water supply from WASA with 1.5" line as per total required consumption.
  1. Septic Tank with soak pit of sufficient capacity to cater to all apartments and common toilets within the structure.
  2. One stand by Generator (as per designed load) for use of lift, water pump, stair and common space lighting plus light and fans for flats as highlighted later.
  3. Gas pipeline connection from Titas gas connection. (as per Government rules Er regulation).
  4. One Transformer to ensure proper electric supply and distribution within the structure with load sanction from DESCO source with separate Main Line cable Er LT panel / Distribution board and PFI. One 3 phase separate line as per required load for the lift, water pumps and common facilities.
  5. All utility charges to be borne by the Allottee.
  6. Reception Room, Power Room, Caretakers room at ground floor.
  7. Fire Extinguisher 1 for every flat Er 1 for every landing.
  8. All flats to have separate gas, water Er electrical meters.
  9. Termite protection treatment of ground 15 years Guarantee.
  10. Proper earthling and lighting arrester.
  11. Proper water protective DPC in Ground Floor at foundation level.
  12. CCTV security surveillance for parking area and every lift landing with 7 days recording back up.

Terms & Conditions

All interested buyers will need to apply for allotment on a prescribed application form (supplied by the company) duly signed by the applicant along with booking money Et down payment. Allotment will be made on first come first served basis. Buyers wishing to make one-time payment in full shall be given a special discount on the price of the space. Allotment of space is made and confirmed only upon receipt of the booking money Fr down payment. The company reserves the right to accept or reject an application without assigning any reason thereof.

The purchaser will make the payment as per payment schedule. All payment should be made by account payee cheque or bank draft or pay order or cash in favour of MAH Properties Ltd. (MPL). Payments from overseas in US Dollars will be calculated at the prevailing official conversion rate to Bangladeshi taka on the date of payment.
After confirmation of allotment the buyer has to sign the deed of agreement within 30 (thirty) days from the date of making the payment of booking money Et down payment.
The schedule agreed in the agreement for allotment all payments by the allottee shall be the essence of the contract. If a payment is delayed beyond 30 (thirty) days, the developer may exercise its right to cancel the allotment. In the event of cancellation, an amount of Tk. 4,00,000/= (Four lacs only) will be deducted from the allottees deposited amount for incidental charges. In the event of cancellation of allotment, the allottee’s deposited amount (after deduction) will be refunded by installments after selling of the same apartment to a new buyer.
The possessions of the apartment will be handed over to the purchaser after completion of the apartment and payment of all other charges. Until and unless the dues are paid, possessions of the apartment will be held by the company.
The company reserves the right to make changes in both architectural and structural design of the project. Limited changes can be made in specifications for overall interest.
Until making the full payment, installments and other charges, the buyer shall not have the right to transfer the allotment to third party other than the buyer’s wife / husband or children without written approval of the company before or after handover.
The company will register a deed of sale in favour of the buyer after receiving the price in full. The buyer shall bear all costs relating to stamp duty and all taxes (such as transfer fee, stamp duty, gain TAX registration fee etc.], for registration of deed of sale on valuation of the space with proportionate share of land, or if any legal costs VAT or any other taxes imposed by the government in connection with transfer of the space.
Connection charges / expenses relating to gas, water, sewerage and electric connection etc. are not included with the price of apartments. The purchaser will also make these payments.
In the event of natural calamities, civil war, strike, war or any act of God, mob, violence, embargo etc. and for other reasons beyond the control of the company, the company shall not be held liable for any results, delay or abandoning the project.